What is on page off page and technical seo?

Page SEO tells engines how to match pages to queries. But classifying pages that fall within the same query is much more difficult.

Search engines track a lot of

signals to guess how relevant a page is compared to others. A good SEO strategy focuses on both technical and page SEO.

A site created from the ground up for SEO will ensure that search engines can easily crawl and index pages. A site that publishes optimized, quality content will create a good user experience, get links and, in turn, get better results in search results. On-site SEO is also commonly referred to as on-page SEO, since it is the action taken when specific elements of a website's page are optimized. This type of SEO often involves optimizing a combination of page content and HTML source code.

Technical SEO ensures that your site not only looks good, but works as it should when someone accesses it from their phone or tablet. Every type of SEO (on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO) is important, but if you want to start improving your SEO step by step, I suggest you start with in-page SEO, then move on to the technical side and, finally, polish the off-page look. Technical SEO also analyzes the performance of your site internationally, hreflang tags and a number of background problems, such as the text of canonical robots and the main vital signs of the web, and evaluates how any Google update can affect the overall health of your site. Another reason why technical SEO can be so effective is that it eliminates any internal link problems you may have.

A technical SEO will also analyze reduced content or pages that don't offer much value from a search point of view. It uses content and technical elements to improve the quality of a page, so the more you optimize the SEO on the page, the more traffic you will receive on your website and the more relevant that traffic will be. This part of SEO targets every page rather than the fundamental aspects of the entire website, such as technical SEO. In reality, this technique falls between technical SEO and page SEO, since it implements both types of skills.

The way your entire site is structured and projected to search engines and your visitors is linked to technical SEO. The unique content that isn't duplicated anywhere and is fully enriched is where your technical SEO efforts start to bleed out in your on-page SEO efforts. We'll review your current content and optimization tactics on the page, looking for technical issues that may prevent search engine indexing. Technical and in-page SEO focuses on methods that will improve your website, while off-page SEO works to improve your local SEO, link building strategy and the overall digital presence of your website.

Focus first on technical SEO, and then, once you feel that you've temporarily overcome it, become the center of attention to on-site SEO.

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